The Blackhouse is a story about bad secrets
and the people who keep them


For her entire life, Maggie MacKay has sensed something was wrong with her. When Maggie was five years old, she announced that a man on the remote Scottish island of Kilmeray—a place she’d never visited—had been murdered. Her unfounded claim drew media attention and turned the locals against each other, creating rifts that never mended.
Nearly twenty years later, Maggie is determined to find out what really happened, and what the islanders are hiding. But when she begins to receive ominous threats, Maggie is forced to consider how much she is willing to risk to discover the horrifying truth.

I’m not a man that men like. I’ve never tried to be.

Robert Reid moved his family to Scotland’s Outer Hebrides in the 1990s, driven by hope, craving safety and community, and hiding a terrible secret. But despite his best efforts to fit in, Robert is always seen as an outsider. And as the legendary and violent Hebridean storms rage around him, he begins to unravel, believing his fate on the remote island of Kilmeray cannot be escaped.

We’re all guilty of something, my father always said. But the biggest sin is fear. And never facing it. That was not his sin, of course. Only mine.

Maggie and Robert are two very different people living in different times – bound together by secrets and lies, and a determined need to know the truth. And by an event so incredible that it changes both of their lives forever.

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